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District Strategic Plan

2020-2025 Strategic Plan

Pillager Public School

Strategic Plan Brochure

Planning Project Statement

The ISD 116 Pillager Strategic Plan was approved by the School Board in 2020.  The plan, created by a team of parents and students, community and business leaders, staff and teachers, establishes this school district's priorities for 2020-2025.  The Strategic Plan started with listening sessions that developed new priorities that were created or expanded upon from the previous 2015 Strategic Plan. The priorities were then given to the administration to develop strategies with a timeline to help guide the district in future decision making.



We will deliver our vision by using beliefs, ideas, and actions to create an environment that provides top quality educational opportunities for all  learners through staff development and community involvement.



In five years, we will have developed, delivered, & be recognized for…

· Increased career and college-prep: Job shadow, internships, etc.

· Culture & relationships: Pillager is the place that students & staff want to be

· Well-rounded educational experience - Academics, emotional, mental health, etc.

· Continued integration of technology into educational standards

· Increased extra-curricular offerings & top notch activity programs

· Full vertical integration



Positive Culture and Relationships

Create and maintain a positive culture through building relationships with all stakeholders

· Continue/look to expand recognition programs for students and staff members/PBIS initiatives

· School Board continues to invite staff and students to board meetings to celebrate accomplishments

· Character Education programs and SEL curriculum across all levels and buildings

· Freshman Academy for transition to High School

· Apply for MDE grant to pilot SEL curriculum as a Middle School curriculum opportunity

· Prevention and College/Career counselors brought in to work around PLP’s and college/career planning

· 2 x 10 conversations at Middle and High School

· Self-help and self-care messages with staff

· Research additional models of student support

· Use of social media to highlight/celebrate positive school happenings

· Welcome community into school with community connecting events

· Encourage and support book studies for professional development of staff members

· Explore opportunities for students to serve as mentors across grades


College and Career readiness

Increase number of students with work experiences related to his/her passion

· Work to free up counselors to work on  college and career prep with students

· Work with community businesses and employers

· Increase work experience program from 10-15 to 20-30 students annually

· Embed career exploration into exploratory classes in Middle School

· Increase direction for students regarding career paths

· Increase community and parent involvement

Vision and Budget for Increased Technology at ISD 116

Plan for technology use is created

· Work with Sourcewell Technologies:

* As a guide to assess current technology needs

* As a guide to create a staff survey

* To plan for curriculum integration

· Tours of how technology is utilized in other schools throughout Minnesota

· Create Executive Summary of possible models to support technology integration PK-12

· Plan for including technology use part of the Teacher Evaluation Tool

· Prepare proposals for examining ways to implement a 1:1 technology model in the most fiscally responsible way

· Embed technology considerations in curriculum cycle/ curriculum review process

· Explore technology offerings that can be part of a professional development plan and/or future Staff Development Days/In-services

Increase student competencies and understandings around technology’s impact on their futures

· Explore class offerings related to technology 

· Embed purposeful technology across curricular content areas

· Create Executive Summary of possible models to support technology integration PK-12

· Prepare proposals for examining ways to implement a 1:1 technology model in the most fiscally responsible way

· Teach, promote, and model Digital Citizenship

· Ongoing training for technology components that staff and students are using


Additional offerings and programs for students

Prepare for 2022 with CIS requirements

· Add classes and options for students based on various program models

· Seek to hire staff with Masters’ degrees

Increase vocational choices and paths for students

· Partner with Region 5 programs as  available

· Explore, research and develop courses and options for students at all levels

· Create and promote online course options

Work with Pre-K-Grade 8 staff to develop and maintain this priority

· Utilize Community Education for offerings

· Develop exploratory options for students to be able to find areas of interest/passion

· Look for residency opportunities in the arts

Continue to explore intervention and enrichment services to address student instructional needs

· Explore grant opportunities and programs to work with students in at-risk/intervention or enrichment programming

· Explore adding instructional coaching, Title Math, etc. positions to address student needs and increase academic achievement across all grades/departments

Continue to explore additional clubs,  extracurricular activities, and groups



Middle School Structure and Programming

Examine the structure of current Middle School Programming to ensure supported and prepared students for transitional grades

· Perform a review on middle school programming with best practices research for students

· Consider implementing a middle school orientation and transition program that welcomes 5th graders and makes them feel comfortable throughout the first year of their middle school experience

· Perform a survey/analysis around the needs of Pillager’s 5-8 grade students to meet developmental social/emotional and academic needs

· Create a focused leadership team to assist in decision-making for middle school issues and requests

· Explore Honors courses at the Middle School to allow students to progress when academically ready



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