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Message from our District Superintendent:
Mr. Chuck Arns

Most of the time there is something special about the word "new".  Fresh new ideas, families, students, buildings and teachers. So many changes for the coming school year.  As we strive to maintain the things that have allowed all of us to see so much success in the district over the past years, I'm personally challenged with the thought of  "new".  So let me first of all welcome the families who are new to the Pillager school district for the 2013-2014 school year.  I hope we can bring to you as much as I know you will be bringing to us.  We value your active participation in the many activities offered at Pillager.  

The realization that we have a beautiful new addition to the school will probably stay fresh for us for many years to come.  For this, I again want to thank you for your trust.  To our new teachers for 2013-2014, I warmly greet you.  Growth has caused the addition of new positions being needed for the coming year, and we have added staff to keep class sizes at the low level we want.  

Of great interest to us this year will be that of new ideas.  We want to enhance our teaching and programs this year by not being afraid to expand into new necessary horizons. Technology, curriculum, programs, community education and activities all fall into this arena.  So again allow me to welcome back those families who have been with us for awhile, and warmly greet the new students and families joining us this year. We look for this to be an exciting, successful new school year.



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Pillager School
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District office: (218) 746-3772
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